Get Started

How to Join Steemit Upvote Exchange Group:

  • You need Steemit account to join this group, if you do not have create one by Click Here
  • Click on Join Group link.
  • Fill the form and submit your information.
  • We will verify your details within 24 hours and will add you to our group.
  • You will get email when we add you in group.

How Steemit Upvote Exchange Group works:

  • All Steemit Group members profile can be seen on “Members” page.
  • After being Steemit Group member, your Steemit profile link will show on “Members” page.
  • Every day you have to post a video or an article on your Steemit blog page.
  • Every day you need to visit page then your Group page and visit all other member’s profile by clicking their Steemit link and Upvote their new post and reply on post “Anything you like to comment” to verify that you got Upvote from this group and we can track your activity. We will verify this everyday to maintain our group policies.
  • The more you give Upvotes and Comment on members profiles; you will also get the more Upvotes.
  • Remember, do not Upvote or reply on more than one post, just Upvote and comment on members New Post only.
  • If possible, please post your content before 12 PM (+5.30 Indian Standard Time) so you do not miss any member’s upvote.
  • And for upvoting, you are advised to upvote after 12 PM (+5.30 Indian Standard Time) so maximum people get benefit.
  • We have divided Group members in different groups, so all members can upvote easily.
  • Each group will have 100 members. And you should upvote all of your group members.
  • For each group we will make one Admin who monitor and verify other group member’s activities.
  • Who want to become Admin of group can contact us by feeling contact us form.
  • Admin should monitor other group member’s activities everyday and report us if there are some members who are inactive for more than 2 days or do not follow our guide lines and do not upvote and comment on other group members.
  • Any group member need help or suggestion from other group members can comment on with their question.

How to Upvote:

  • Click on “Members” page
  • Click on your group name which you got in your conformation email.
  • Click on member’s Steemit profile link or Upvote button next to the link.
  • Visit member’s blog and click their new latest post.
  • Click on Upvote bellow post and reply to post “Anything you like to comment” to verify that you got Upvote from this group.
  • Again go to and repeat procedure from step 2 for next member.
  • All the information you submit in joining form should be true, or you will be ban.
  • Every member should be active everyday and complete the steps mention above.
  • Members who do not be active for more than 2 days & do not upvote and reply on other group member’s profile will be removed and Black listed.
  • We or our group admin will verify your upvote and reply everyday to monitor your activities.
  • We will not approve those members who do not post & just Resteem other’s post only.
  • If any of group members have any complain about any members who do not follow our guide lines then please feel free to comment on this page with their problem or can contact us.
  • Right now this website offers FREE Group Membership because we are new, in future we may charge nominal membership fees which anyone can afford, we may charge just to cover our expanses to keep this website live.